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About The Label

CRL Australian version © Carbon Trust

The Carbon Reduction Label is a visual symbol of a company's commitment to reduce their carbon footprint.

By labelling a product a company is publicly displaying their willingness to disclose carbon footprint information, reduce their impact on the environment and is setting its own benchmark for improvement.

For consumers the label helps you see at a glance which products are working to reduce their carbon footprints and by supporting these companies through your purchasing decisions, you can help influence change.

The Carbon Reduction Label is a simple, easy way of making a difference.

How Does the Label Help Reduce Emissions?

To earn a Carbon Reduction Label, companies must calculate the carbon footprint of a product. The carbon footprint of a product or service is the total carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted during the lifecycle, from raw materials, manufacture, distribution, consumer use and disposal or recycling of packaging.  

Once the carbon footprint has been measured and certified, the company must make a commitment to reducing the product’s emissions. Then every two years, the product must be reassessed and a reduction has to have been achieved or the Label is removed. The Carbon Reduction Label is therefore a commitment to continually reduce emissions.